Educational resources

Fire and Rescue NSW encourages a local partnership among firefighters, teachers, students, parents and community groups to work to actively reduce the incidence and impact of fire and related traumas across NSW.

School programs

Children have limited capacity to understand the risks and consequences of fire, and to react promptly and rationally to fire. This lack of knowledge and awareness puts children at risk of misusing fire or being harmed by fire.

Fire safety education for children is the first line of defence against misuse of fire and fire fatalities and injuries. Prevention through education is the single most modifiable strategy that fire services can implement to reduce the risk of fire to children.

Access to supportive materials such as lesson plans, worksheets and other resources are available here. Learn more here.


Fire and Rescue NSW assists in the training of industry and community personnel with accredited and non-accredited training programs.

Multicultural resources

Fire and Rescue NSW works closely to develop and implement home fire safety initiatives amongst many culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Resources to help support these initiatives can be found here.

Campaign downloads

Fire and Rescue NSW conducts a wide range of prevention and preparedness campaigns to help create a safer environment and build community resilience. Help promote fire safety within your community with these resources.

Safety Visits

A Safety Visit assists people to reduce their risk of an accidental fire in the home and to safely escape in the event of a fire occurring. Learn more our Safety Visits Program here.

Help for parents

Children are often fascinated with fire, but they rarely understand the consequences of playing with it. If you discover that your child is playing with fire there are vital steps that you can take towards stopping this behaviour. Learn more our Intervention and Fire Awareness Program here.