School programs

The importance of educating and protecting children from the dangers and trauma that can be caused by fire, especially fires in and around the home, is widely recognised. Accordingly, Fire and Rescue NSW firefighters have been visiting local preschools, primary schools and high schools and teaching fire safety to children and youth through a variety of programs for many years.

Fire and Rescue NSW encourages a local partnership among firefighters, teachers, students and parents to work to actively reduce the incidence and impact of fire and related traumas across NSW.

It is important to recognise the key role firefighters play in providing this valuable community service to their local students. This is especially important given the high level of trust firefighters generally enjoy from students, teachers, parents and the broader community.

Fire and Rescue NSW has a range of tailored fire safety and educational programs that we deliver through schools for varying key stages.

Supportive materials for schools and teachers, such as lesson plans, worksheets and other resources are available for these programs here

Pre ED (Pre-school children)

The Pre ED program aims to promote basic life saving fire safety messages to pre-school age children.
Pre ED information and supportive materials

Emergency Helpers - Early Childhood Emergency Program

The Emergency Helpers Program is a free electronic program aimed to prepare children between the ages of 3-5 years for emergency situations.
The Emergency Helpers Program

Fire ED Level 1 (Years K-2)

The Fire ED program aims to get vital fire safety messages to young children in kindergarten and year two.
Fire Ed Level 1 information and supportive materials

Fire ED Level 2 (Years 5-6)

The Fire ED program aims to get vital fire safety messages to children in years 5-6.
Fire ED Level 2 information

Stage 3 Geography: Bushfire (Years 5-6)

The FRNSW stage 3 geography bushfire presentation aims to provide students with a unique insight into to the effects of fire from a professional firefighter’s perspective. It also aims to enhance the resilience in young people before, during and after emergencies.
Stage 3 Geography: Bushfire information

RescuEd (Years 9-12)

The RescuEd program is presented to high school students, years 9-12 and aims to reduce the frequency and severity of the tragedy and trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents among 17-25 year olds.
RescuED information

RescuEd Express (Years 9-12)

Rescue Ed Express is a road safety and education initiative of Fire and Rescue NSW where firefighters deliver an interactive road safety presentation to potential learner drivers in high schools.
RescuED Express information

Work Experience

Work Experience with Fire and Rescue NSW allows school students the opportunity to develop industry-specific skills and generic work skills in an authentic work environment.
Learn more about our work experience program

Intervention & Fire Awareness Program (Ages 5-17)

The Intervention & Fire Awareness Program aims to intervene with children of all ages involved in fireplay.
Intervention and Fire Awareness Program information

Program development

Fire and Rescue NSW develops its programs in consultation with a variety of agencies:

  • NSW Department of Education
  • Catholic Education Commission (NSW)
  • Association of Independent Schools NSW
  • Roads and Maritime Services NSW
  • NSW Ambulance
  • NSW Police Force
  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • in addition to evaluating and sharing resources with other states' emergency services.

Where possible, Fire and Rescue NSW ensures that the programs are developed to enhance education and learning components of the school syllabus.