Media resources

Frequently requested items including fire safety campaign material will be listed below. To suggest material or have a general enquiry, contact the Media Team.

Current campaign

Winter fire safety campaign (2023)

Winter is a critical time for fire prevention and education due to the spike in home fires, fire-related fatalities and injuries. We want to reduce these incidents to zero. This year’s campaign will focus on a simple but emotive theme to remind the community to look out for themselves and their loved ones.

View winter fire safety campaign resources here

On-going campaigns

Keep Looking When Cooking campaign

Winter is the worst time of the year for fires in the home. Over winter, FRNSW attends an average of 1,230 home fires which result in an average of 576 injuries. Half of these fires start in the kitchen, with the majority of those caused by unattended cooking. These media resources will assist you in helping spread the fire safety message Keep Looking When Cooking.

View the Keep Looking When Cooking campaign material here

Seasonal campaigns

BBQ fire safety campaign

Australia’s love affair with the barbeque is well known, and it’s no surprise Australia Day, is one of the busiest days of the year for a backyard cook up. It’s also a time when burn risks peak, so Fire and Rescue NSW is issuing a timely warning, to be barbeque safe.

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Change your clock and check your smoke alarm campaign

2016 was the 10th anniversary of the introduction of smoke alarm legislation, which meant many alarms would have reached the end of their 10-year working lives. This year, the key message is that all households should check their smoke alarm at the end of daylight savings when they change their clocks.

View the smoke alarm campaign material here

Wheat bag fire safety campaign

Wheat bags can help pain, but they also have the potential to cause burns and fire if improperly used. Fire and Rescue NSW Firefighters have responded to numerous residential fires that have occurred due to wheat bags overheating in the microwave oven or wheat bags being used to warm bedding materials. These campaign resources are for you to help spread the safety message.

View wheat bag fire safety campaign resources here