Fire Ed 1 (Stage 1 - Years 1 and 2)

Fire Ed 1 (Stage 1) is a fire safety education program for students in Years 1 and 2. The program is mapped to the Stage 1 PDHPE and Science and Technology curricular. Students will learn:

  • how to identify fire hazards and make them safe
  • how to stay safe in a fire
  • about bushfires and campfires, and
  • about match/lighter safety.


All programs contain everything educators need to deliver the lessons, including Lesson Plans, Student Workbooks, and Educator/Teacher Resource Kits.

Progam resources can be found at the Bridgade Kids website.

Click here to view all the resources needed for Fire Ed 1 (Stage 1) [external link].

Planning and program delivery

To ensure our updated evidence-based programs are implemented correctly and consistently, planning and delivery must follow the steps below.

1. Request Program

2. Book Firefighters

  • Remember to book the firefighter session in Week 5 of the program.

3. Pre-Test

  • Conduct pre-test assessment one week prior to commencing program

4. Deliver Lessons

  • Week 1: Lesson One
  • Week 2: Lesson Two
  • Week 3: Lesson Three
  • Week 4: Lesson Four
  • Week 5: Firefighter Session

5. Post-Test

  • Conduct post-test assessment immediately after program completion
  • Conduct post-test assessment again two months after program completion

6. Feedback