Safety Visits

“Thanks to early warning from a working smoke alarm this young family escaped safely. The toddlers room was located next to the origin of the fire and was quickly engulfed by flames. Without the smoke alarm it could have been a very different story.”
- Firefighter Kate Faith

What is a Safety Visit?

During your Safety Visit, we will attend your home and check that you have working  smoke alarms, that they are in good working condition, and are installed in suitable areas. If you do not have one, firefighters will install a long-life battery-powered smoke alarm as well as replace existing smoke alarm batteries all at no cost. With your permission, firefighters will also ask you to show us around your home and property. This will allow us to give you personalised fire safety information including, but not limited to;

Firefighters will also provide advice on a fire escape plan in the event of a fire occurring in your home and how to call Triple Zero (000) to report emergencies.

Firefighters checking a smoke alarm during a safety visit.

Who might benefit from a Safety Visit?

Everyone can benefit from a Safety Visit, however there are people within our communities that are statistically at higher risk of incidents occurring, including:

  • Over 65’s.
  • Those who live alone.
  • People with limited mobility, hearing impairments or vision impairments.
  • Residents who are supported by carers, family and friends.
  • And anyone with English as a second language.

This service is not available to landlords in untenanted premises, for landlords responsibilities please refer to Division 7A of Part 9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 [external link] for more information.