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These resources are intended for journalists and contain detailed information specific for communicating incident and public safety information to the public of New South Wales, Australia.

Current safety campaign

This winter we have seen a concerning increase in fire fatalities in the home. 

Winter is a critical time for fire prevention and education due to the spike in home fires, fire-related fatalities and injuries. During winter Fire and Rescue NSW attends more than 1000 home fires – this is roughly one-third of reported home fires annually. Winter also makes up half of all reported fire-related injuries, with around 200 injuries. We want to reduce these numbers to zero. (Data is based on a five-year average)

Winter fire safety (community landing page)

Winter related incidents

Winter engagement kit resources

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Latest news and updates
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Media Enquiries

For urgent operational matters

Business hours: Available 24/7 including public holidays

If you have an urgent operational query, please call 0418 181 000. The on-call media officer will only respond to operational matters. 

Please do not send SMS’s to this number, they will not be answered.  

  • Phone: 0418 181 000
  • International: +61 418 181 000

For general media enquiries during business hours

Business hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

If you've sent your email during business hours, the Fire and Rescue NSW Media Team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Other resources

Glossary of common firefighting terms

Fire safety campaign resources

Daily Operational Statistics (last 14 days)

This chart provides data on the total number of primary incidents attended by FRNSW. This data is updated daily