PFAS environmental investigation

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) has commenced an Environmental Investigation Program to investigate and manage the potential presence and impacts of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on, and in the vicinity of it sites.

The Environmental Investigation Program was developed in consultation with the NSW EPA and includes a number of our training sites across NSW where legacy firefighting foams containing PFAS have been stored and used. The NSW EPA monitors the progress of FRNSW PFAS investigations and coordinates any necessary actions, such as precautionary dietary advice for people to avoid PFAS exposure.

FRNSW will continue to work closely with the NSW EPA, the NSW PFAS Taskforce, other agencies and the community to progress with the investigations and develop strategies to manage and minimise potential impacts and risks associated with PFAS to human populations and ecosystems.

Current Investigations

The investigations are being undertaken by experienced environmental services providers and in accordance with the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure (NEPM) guidelines. The following sites are where investigations are currently underway:

Environmental testing takes time and it is important that we work closely with communities while we investigate the possible nature and extent of PFAS.

FRNSW is committed to being open and transparent. We will make the verified test results available to the community through our reports and will share this information with relevant state and local authorities.