Games for kids

Brigade Kids

FRNSW’s Brigade Kids web site is jammed pack full of fire safety material, games, activities and more.

Museum of Fire

Everyday at the Museum of Fire, aspiring Junior Firefighters are invited to take part in a day of adventure and exploration with fire safety activities, computer games, puzzles and dress ups. The Museum of Fire is a wonderful place to connect as a family. Together families will be challenged to take command of a fire engine in our simulator, to help find some items that have been hidden around the Museum, and to design their own home escape plan.

Triple Zero Kids' Challenge

Triple Zero Kids' Challenge will teach kids about safety messages and hear what happens when you call Triple Zero. Along the way they will meet the "Zeros" as they are guided step by step through the game.

YouTube Videos

We have many educational fire safety videos for kids on our YouTube channel.
Our playlist is available here: