Youth Fire Intervention Program

Help is available for families and carers if you suspect that your children are playing with fire.

Most kids find fire fascinating. Unfortunately, some children, not understanding the danger, take it a step further and start experimenting with matches and lighters when they are left on their own - a potentially fatal scenario. They are often unaware that a tiny flame can grow into a dangerous fire.

It is a sad fact that some of the children who die, or are injured, in home fires actually light the fire themselves. Statistics from the Fire and Rescue NSW Fire Investigation Unit show that nearly 10 per cent of fires in NSW are believed to be started by children - that's around 3000 fires annually. These tragedies can be avoided.

The Fire and Rescue NSW runs the Youth Fire Intervention Program which provides face-to-face and over-the-phone help for families to understand and manage children's fire-starting behaviour.

Under the Intervention and Fire Awareness Program, parents and carers ring a free and confidential service (1800 600 700) to arrange to talk to Fire Intervention Officers. The officers can also work directly with the families to help them understand the issues, suggest strategies and develop an action plan to help make their home safer, and if necessary refer them to other professional help.

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