Youth Fire Intervention Program

It is normal for young people to be interested in fire. Yet, young people have a limited understanding of the risks and consequences of fire, and a limited capacity to react promptly and rationally to fire. This puts them at risk of misusing fire and being harmed by fire.

Misuse of fire refers to any illegitimate use of fire or incendiary materials. It includes playing with matches and lighters and lighting fires without permission and adult supervision.

Between 2015-2020, FRNSW responded to 8,102 fires caused by young people. Between 2001 and 2020, one quarter of all youth fire fatalities occurred as a result of fires started by young people themselves.

These tragedies can be prevented. FRNSW provides a free, confidential program for young people, aged 3 to 18 years, who misuse fire. The Youth Fire Intervention program provides face-to-face, phone, or virtual sessions for young people and their households.

The aim of the program is to teach young people and their households important fire safety knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of misuse of fire. Sessions include education on matches and lighter safety, how to identify fire hazards in the home and make them safe, how and when to call Triple Zero (000), and how to stay safe if there is a fire.

Your local fire station will also provide a free Safety Visit where they will check and/or install working smoke alarms, help you with your Home Fire Escape Plan, and suggest strategies to make your home safer from fire.

To access the Youth Fire Intervention program, contact our Youth Coordinator at or on 02 9742 7179.

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