Workplace fire safety

ComSafe - Commercial Safety Training Services

ComSafe Training Services is a commercial division of Fire and Rescue NSW and is a registered training organisation (RTO91235). ComSafe delivers comprehensive and professional fire and emergency safety training to commerce and industry communities. ComSafe trainers are fully qualified Fire and Rescue NSW firefighters with extensive field experience.

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Small business fire safety

Small businesses need to have plans to prevent fires and to help their business recover should an unforeseen emergency occur.

Restaurant fire safety

Restaurants, cafes and other eating establishments are workplaces that are at a high risk from fire.

Portable fire extinguishers

With proper use a portable fire extinguisher will be able to reduce or eliminate injury, damage and cost to business in the event of a small fire.

In case of fire

If you see fire or smoke, do not panic or shout. Remain calm and remember RACE.


Evacuation is the rapid removal of people in a safe and orderly manner from immediate or threatened danger in a workplace.

Hazardous materials at work

In case of spills or leaks of hazardous materials at work remain calm and remember RACE.

Automatic Fire Alarms

Find out more about the Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA) system monitored by an Automatic Fire Alarm Service Provider (AFASP).

Case Studies

Case studies and lessons learned from some of our most complex and intensive fire rescue operations undertaken by FRNSW.

Maintenance and recycling fire extinguishers

Making steel from recycled materials uses 75% less energy than when producing steel from raw materials.