Q: Is the Relief and Welfare Fund a form of insurance?
A: No. We are a charitable organisation that uses the contributions it receives to assist its members in times of hardship.

Q: Do I have to be a firefighter to benefit?
A: No. This is open to all staff of Fire and Rescue NSW including Permanent Firefighters, Retained Firefighters and Administrative & Trades staff. Additionally, staff from the Firefighters Mutual Bank and the NSW Fire Brigades Employees' Union are also eligible to join.

Q: Is the Relief and Welfare Fund recognised by Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW)?
A: Yes. It has been since the Relief and Welfare Fund's inception. Fire & Rescue NSW is our primary partner and this is demonstrated with the Commissioner's position as Patron of the Relief and Welfare Fund.

Q: Is the Relief and Welfare Fund a legally recognised organisation?
A: Yes. It is a registered charity, bound by New South Wales legislation, which includes a constitution that has been approved by the members.

Q: What assistance does Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) provide to the Relief and Welfare Fund?
A: Fire and Rescue NSW provides much needed support to the Relief and Welfare Fund, including but not limited to the use of the residential accommodation above Marrickville (28) Fire Station, the deposit of payroll deductions, shared office facilities at the City of Sydney Fire Station, computers and the hosting of the Relief and Welfare Fund Intranet Web Site.

Q: Where are the payroll deductions for the Relief and Welfare Fund deposited?
Fire and Rescue NSW HR Payroll deposit the deductions every fortnight into the Relief and Welfare Fund's bank account at Firefighters Mutual Bank (FMB) and provide a payment advice notice very fortnight. Fire and Rescue NSW also provide a current monthly membership list. 

Q: When someone ceases employment with FRNSW either through retirement or resignation can they remain a member of the Relief & Welfare Fund?
A. No. Once a person ceases employment with FRNSW membership of the Fund is terminated.