Prevention and community preparedness

Building Fire Safety

Fire and Rescue NSW plays an important role in building safety, both legislatively and as a community service.

Through our Structural Fire Safety Unit we provide structural fire safety services to State government, local government, small and large businesses and industry.

We also provides inspection services and advice on fire safety for all types and classes of buildings including hospitals, shared accommodation, road and rail tunnels, and wharves.

By making buildings safer we aim to reduce the impact of fires and emergencies on the community and our firefighters.

For more information contact our Building Fire Safety Unit.

Community Education

Fire and Rescue NSW develops and delivers a range of community safety initiatives and prevention programs.


FireEd is a fire safety education program based on a partnership between firefighters, schools and parents. Read more about FireEd


'RescuED' is a road safety and education initiative of Fire and Rescue NSW where firefighters with experience in motor vehicle rescue, deliver an innovative motor vehicle accident prevention program to potential learner drivers in high schools. Read more about RescuED

Senior Ed

Resources and programs targeting the elderly are titled under the banner of Senior Ed which is the collection of improved resources to make the delivery of community engagement to this vulnerable group easier to coordinate by firefighters. Read more about Senior Ed

Youth Fire Intervention Program

The Youth Fire Intervention Program is designed to increase community education, safety and confidence in regards to juvenile firesetting issues across NSW with the overall aim to reduce both the frequency and severity of fires lit by juveniles. Read more about the Youth Fire Intervention Program

CALD Programs

The Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) program is designed to increase community education, safety and confidence in culturally diverse communities across NSW. Read more about our CALD programs

Aboriginal Communities Program

Engage and build relationships with Aboriginal communities to assist them in developing programs to improve indigenous housing safety. Read more about our Aboriginal Communities Program

Community Fire Units

CFUs are volunteer teams of local residents who participate in hazard reduction, regeneration after fires and community education on fire safety and prevention. Units are provided with uniforms for all members, trailers or cabinets containing basic firefighting equipment, and initial training by local FRNSW firefighters. Read more about Community Fire Units

Fire prevention toolkit

The NSW Police Force, Fire and Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service have identified a need to develop preventative measures to reduce the risk of fire and arson to the community. Fires put lives and homes at risk and have financial implications to our community. The NSW Police Force, Fire and Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service by working together have developed a fire prevention strategy to help make the community safer. Read more about the Fire prevention toolkit