'RescuED' is a road safety and education initiative of Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) where firefighters with experience in motor vehicle rescue, deliver an innovative motor vehicle accident prevention program to potential learner drivers in high schools.

All materials have been developed in accordance with road safety education and curriculum guidelines established by the NSW Road Traffic Authority (RTA) and the NSW Department of Education and Training.


To reduce the frequency and severity of the tragedy and trauma caused by motor vehicle accidents within 17 - 25 year olds.


To assist this aim the key objectives are:

  1. To promote discussion amongst young adults of attitudes, behaviours and road knowledge that can contribute to road accidents
  2. To encourage young adults to reflect on the consequences of accidents (including physical, social, emotional and financial)
  3. To enhance school based driver education teaching and learning programs.
  4. To complement other NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) road safety education curriculum programs.

Target group

The following group has been identified as benefiting from participation in FRNSW RescuED program:

  1. Students 15 - 17 years of age who over the next few years will be in a position to gain their motor vehicle drivers licence within NSW.

Program delivery

The RescuED Program is a free service delivered by FRNSW to NSW State High School students.

  1. Coordinates the program across NSW;
  2. Delivers RescuED face to face to NSW high school students;
  3. Monitors and regularly reviews RescuED, and
  4. Reports on RescuED progress to relevant stakeholders.

For more information contact your local fire station.