Fire hydrant system in existing premises

When the consent authority (e.g. Council) is assessing the adequacy of an existing fire hydrant system installed in accordance with the provisions of Ordinance 70 and Ministerial Specification 10 (or earlier), FRNSW recommend that the system be upgraded to meet the requirements of the current Australian Standard AS 2419.1 to facilitate the operational needs of FRNSW.

It may be appropriate for a partial upgrade of the existing fire hydrant system be undertaken. A partial upgrade may be proposed to address deficiencies in the design and/or performance of the existing fire hydrant system, when assessed against the requirements of Australian Standard AS 2419.1, so that the upgraded fire hydrant system will meet the operational needs of FRNSW. Where a hybrid fire hydrant system is proposed, which incorporates the design and performance requirements from two different standards, the proponent should consult with FRNSW on the requirements for the fire hydrant system.

Updated: 8th January 2019