Connect an automatic fire alarm

An Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA) system installed within a protected premises in NSW is required to be remotely monitored by an Automatic fire alarm service provider (AFASP), who are contracted with Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW).

Prior to commissioning the AFA system of a protected premises, the building owner (via the system installer) is required to connect the alarm system with a current approved AFASP contractor. Specification E2.2a of the National Construction Code requires the following installations to be connected to a fire alarm monitoring system connected to the FRNSW dispatch centre in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1670.3:

  • A smoke detection system in a Class 3 building provided in accordance with Clause 2(a)(ii)
  • A smoke detection system in a Class 9a health-care building accommodating more than 20 patients
  • A smoke detection system in a Class 9c building
  • Smoke detection in accordance with Clause 5 provided to activate-
    (i)   a smoke exhaust system in accordance with Specification E2.2b; or
    (ii)  smoke-and-heat vents in accordance with Specification E2.2c. NSW Spec E2.2a 7(e)

In addition to the above, other premises may also be protected by having the AFA system monitored by an AFASP (e.g. automatic fire sprinkler system installed, consent condition, insurance, voluntary etc). Connection and testing is required prior to commissioning the system and the relevant fire safety certificate being issued.  

The following companies have a current AFASP contract with FRNSW:

Chubb Fire Safety Ltd
(ABN 47 000 067 541)
Ph: 1300 369 309 [external link] 

Johnson Controls Australia Pty Ltd
(ABN 29 002 968 103)
PO Box 7249, Silverwater NSW 2128
Ph: 1300 360 575 [external link]

Romteck Grid Pty Ltd
(ACN 060 150 370)
96 Bay St, Botany NSW 2019
Ph: (02) 9666 1555 [external link]

For details on the AFASP contract including terms and conditions, please refer to the Automatic Fire Alarm System Services Agreement.

Further information

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