FR360 App FAQs

Common Questions

Am I expected to use this app or is it optional?

The content in FR360 is not exclusive to the app. You can always access all the existing and new content on the FRNSW intranet.

If I’m expected to use my phone at work does FRNSW pay my bill, pay my insurance or replace it if I drop it or it gets wet?

No. This app has been built to assist you on a daily basis with things like shift rosters, phone directory and interesting content. All this info can be found on other platforms that are currently used by FRNSW. While the use of FR360 is optional, it’s encouraged. However, your personal phone is your own responsibility.

Can I claim my phone bill from my tax?

This is a question you will need to raise with your personal accountant at tax time.

Is there any exclusive content in the app?

No. All content in FR360 can be found in various other places.

Will you expect me to use it on days off?

No. This app is designed to provide you with info that you have opted in to receive. There’s no obligation to use it on your days off.

Will it chew up my data?

Data usage with FR360 will be minimal unless videos are played. These are stored and streamed from where they’re optimised for this purpose. Most FRNSW stations are fitted with Wi-Fi and you are encouraged to use this to view content on FR360. If this is serious concern for you, we suggest you install a data tracking app or monitor your usage with your service provider.


Privacy questions

What are you doing with my location data?

Like all government departments and many apps, FRNSW is obligated to inform you of any use of personal data. Your location is only used to show the weather for your area. Your location is sent from the app to the weather provider We do not record or log your location.

Can you see if I’ve read something?

FR360 uses Google Analytics, a reporting service provided by Google. Google Analytics helps us analyse how users use the app. The information generated by the app on your use is logged anonymously for statistical purposes. The information generated by the app will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the app, compiling reports on app activity for app operators and provide other reports relating to app activity.

No attempt will be made to identify a user except in the very unlikely event that an investigation is necessary, where a law enforcement agency alone would have the power to inspect the records of the Internet Service Provider to obtain this information.

How secure is my personal info?

FR360 content and user information is stored within the FRNSW Microsoft Azure Cloud. This is a very safe environment used by big business and government departments around the world. It uses the same authentication system as Outlook Webmail.


Content and moderation questions

What if an article or photo is incorrect?

Please email when there are errors in the article or photos.

Is there any exclusive content in the app?

No. All content in FR360 can be found in various other places.

Can anyone submit content?

Only authenticated staff can submit articles to the app. Community Fire Unit members can submit content via their Bushfire Team Leaders or email

How are comments moderated?

The moderation of comments is maintained by app admins and the internal comms team.

In the interest of providing an environment that respects the opinions and values of all staff, any abusive or potentially offensive content, spam and advertising will be removed. This includes "trolling" of most kinds, eg. excessive or repetitive posting about the same issue. All comments need to adhere to the FRNSW Code of Conduct.

We will not moderate comments based on favourable or unfavourable opinions. In fact, we'd like to know about positive and negative opinions.

If you see a comment that needs to be removed, please email

What permissions are needed for submitting articles

It is required that you have permission from the relevant stakeholders/business units (i.e. your manager or relevant partners) to submit content for publishing.

If any photos or videos have any identifiable children, you must have permission to publish the photo/video. Please ensure that a parent/guardian has signed the Photographic or video recording release form for children and that the photos adhere to the FRNSW Media Policy which are both available on the FRNSW intranet.

How long will it take before my article is published?

If all the approval requirements above are met, the article will be published promptly, usually within 3 working days. If further information is needed to publish the article, the Internal Comms Team will be in contact.

How do I update my number in the Phone book?

Your phone number can be updated by contacting the IT Service desk.

Future information can also be found on the intranet.


Technical questions

What type of phone is required?


iOS9 and above

Roughly, iPhone’s no older than 5 years old

This includes iPhone 5 and above.

Google Android based phone

Android Nougat 7.1 and above

Roughly, Android phones no older than 3 years old

Android phones include Samsung, LG, OPPO, Nokia, Huawei, Pixel etc.


Problems and ideas

Why can't I see updated articles

Sometimes you may have to manually refresh your feed. To do this, press and drag down the screen and let go within the app. The wheels will start turning and everything will be refreshed.

What if I find a bug?

If you find a bug with the functionality of the app, please email the service desk. Don't forget to include what type of phone you are using and if possible, include screenshots.

What if I have an idea for an improvement?

Please email and the FR360 Team will make note of the improvements.

What if a comment needs to be moderated?

If you see a comment that needs to be removed, please email

What if an article or photo is incorrect?

Please email when there are errors in the article or photos.