FRNSW meetings

An applicant, whether the owner or a consultant engaged by the owner, may request a meeting with Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) on any fire safety matter outside of any formal assessment or consultation, subject to the discretion of FRNSW.

Where appropriate, FRNSW can provide advice to the applicant through a face-to-face meeting. FRNSW will only provide advice during the meeting and no formal (i.e. written) assessment will be provided on the matter. A meeting does not substitute for any formal assessment or consultancy service on statutory fire safety. Any advice given by FRNSW during a meeting is also subject to change depending on any determination by a relevant authority.

Please read About FRNSW meetings before applying for a meeting. A meeting will be provided at the discretion of FRNSW only and is subject to the availability of staff and the nature of advice being sought. The applicant should provide details on why the meeting is being requested and attach any relevant information to their application. Currently FRNSW do not have resources to undertake many meetings. You will be advised by email if the meeting application has been accepted or declined by FRNSW.

The applicant can nominate a preferred date for the meeting between two (2) working days and three (3) weeks from the date of submitting the FRNSW meeting application form. FRNSW will confirm the meeting details with the applicant if the meeting request is accepted. All meetings will be held at Greenacre unless agreed otherwise.


FRNSW meeting application (MS Word, 261 kb docx)

What do I get?

The applicant will receive advice through a face-to-face meeting attended by fire brigade members.


The charge applicable is $200 for each hour (or part of an hour) for attendance by a fire brigade member at a fire safety meeting. A minimum of two (2) members will attend the meeting. There is no charge applicable to local government authorities and consent authorities for this service.

For a full description of the charges applicable including terms, payment options, applying for a waiver or reduction of the charges, please refer to the fees and charges for services page.

Further information

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