About FRNSW meetings

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) will facilitate a meeting only when there is a clear benefit to both stakeholders. A meeting can be sought before or after any formal assessment or consultation.

When seeking a meeting to discuss formal assessment/consultation that has already been provided by FRNSW, this meeting will be subject to the actual assessment or consultation that was provided, and the obligations upon the applicant.

Example: FRNSW will only discuss a furnished initial or final fire safety report with the relevant certifier who is required to determine the application for construction certificate or occupation certificate, and only to explain or clarify the contents of the report as necessary. FRNSW will not accept any meeting application from a fire engineer regarding the furnished report, even if requested to do so by the certifier.

When seeking a meeting to discuss matters prior to any formal assessment/consultation, the meeting will be subject to there being extenuating circumstances that warrant the meeting prior to formal assessment/consultation.

Example: FRNSW will only discuss a concept review that relates to significant infrastructure or development. FRNSW will not discuss a concept review on standard development; this should go though the fire engineering brief consultation process.

During the meeting FRNSW will only dispense advice on the matter specific to the documentation that was provided with the application. If during the meeting a request for an assessment is made, FRNSW will advise the applicant to submit the relevant application for formal assessment or consultation on the matter.

Example: FRNSW will only discuss a fire safety exemption to advise whether to make the application for exemption or not. The meeting does not circumvent the proper assessment process (i.e. a fire safety exemption will not be granted in the meeting).

Local government authorities and consent authorities can apply to have a meeting on any matter, but FRNSW may reject the meeting application if the matter relates to details which fall within their jurisdiction as determining authorities.

Example: FRNSW will not discuss any proposed development prior to the development consent and the conditions of the consent being determined and issued.

FRNSW will limit meetings held due to resources and other legislated responsibilities. The applicant will be provided with a copy of minutes from the meeting as part of the FRNSW meeting service, which will identify advice given during the meeting. The applicant is welcome to make their own minutes but these may not be acknowledged by FRNSW.