Our values

Every aspect of the work we do at Fire and Rescue NSW is guided by our shared values. We are committed to:


We always treat each other, our partners, stakeholders and recipients of our services with respect and fairness while recognising and accepting the differences, wishes, rights, feelings and value of others.


We always act professionally and can be trusted implicitly because  honesty, transparency and strong ethical principles underpin who we are and everything we do.


We are reliable, always performing our roles safely, effectively and efficiently, while taking responsibility for our actions and decisions.


We always put the needs of the community and FRNSW first, and have the courage not only to deal with serious emergency situations, but to stand up for others and to challenge wrongdoing.

These values align with and support the NSW Government Sector Core Values of:

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Service, and
  • Accountability.