Byron Bay - Environmental investigation

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is working with the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) and proactively undertaking an environmental survey and sampling program at and around the Byron Bay Fire Station (3 Kingsley Street).

Initially this will involve a water use survey of selected registered bores to the east of the Fire Station.

Once these results are known, FRNSW will work with the NSW EPA to determine any next steps required based on the outcome of these investigations. This is in line with the staged approach that has been agreed between FRNSW and the NSW EPA for environmental investigations.


In 2021 Byron Shire Council undertook a PFAS investigation at the Butler Street Reserve, Byron Bay, after detecting PFAS within ground water and the adjacent drain. You can read the NSW EPA fact sheet about this here (PDF) [external link].

Butler Street Reserve was formerly used as an unlicensed landfill until the mid-1970s and is considered a legacy contaminated site.

As part of Council’s investigation, the NSW EPA and Byron Shire Council undertook a water use survey and sampled registered bores in the general vicinity of the Butler Street Reserve. This water use survey was to increase understanding of local groundwater use and to determine if PFAS was present in groundwater.

The NSW EPA is now seeking to determine whether there are any other potential sources of PFAS in the local area beyond the known contamination at the Butler Street Reserve.

Fact Sheet

Download: FRNSW Environmental Investigation – Byron Bay Fact Sheet October 2022 (PDF)