Request a maritime lease inspection

The holder of a maritime lease may be required to have Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) inspect the installed fire safety measures as a condition of the lease agreement.

Marinas and waterfront facilities may be leased from land that is owned and administered by NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Commercial and community leases with RMS exist in Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay, Newcastle Harbour and Port Kembla Harbour. As a condition of the lease agreement, the owner or operator may be required to have the fire safety measures inspected by FRNSW to retain and renew the lease agreement.

Note: The requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 in relation to the maintenance of fire safety measures may not be applicable.

A maritime lease inspection will be carried out by two Fire Safety Officers who will assess whether the installed fire safety measures are adequate and/or being properly maintained.


Request a maritime lease inspection  (MS Word, 242 kb docx)

What do I get?

The applicant will receive a written report from the FRNSW inspection including findings and recommendations.


The charges applicable are based on the rank of fire brigade member/s per hour of attendance at an inspection of the premises. A minimum of two fire brigade members will conduct the inspection for the purposes of a report

For a full description of the charges applicable including terms, payment options, applying for a waiver or reduction of the charges, please refer to the fees and charges for services page.