Lodge radiation gauge notification

Any person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) of any facility that uses, handles or stores radiation must notify Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) of the location of all radiation sources, and the radiation gauges being used.

Section 3.1 [external link] of the Safety Guide: Radiation Protection Series Publication No. 13 – Safe Use of Fixed Radiation Gauges, published by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, requires the responsible person to notify the local fire agency of all radiation sources. The notification should include details on the type of radiation gauges being used, purpose of each gauge, manufacturer and installation.

A site plan is to be provided to diagrammatically identify the location of radiation sources and gauges. The site plan should be consistent with a manifest site plan as per Annex D of the Notifications for Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals and abandoned tanks [external link], from SafeWork NSW. The site plan should plan should identify:

  • location of buildings, amenities, structures and internal roadways
  • site access points and restrictions to accessibility
  • location of emergency resources and equipment (e.g. boosters, hydrants, fire pumps, monitors, foam stocks, containment kits).


Lodge radiation gauge notification  (MS Word, 255 kb docx)


There is no charge applicable to lodge a radiation gauge notification.

Further information

ARPANSA Code of Practice and Safety Guide – Safe Use of Fixed Radiation Gauges  [external link]

SafeWork NSW - Notifications for Schedule 11  hazardous chemicals and abandoned tanks [external link]