Lodge a fire safety statement

The owner of a building having a fire safety schedule is required to provide a copy of the fire safety statement to both the local Council and the Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW)

Under clause 177 and clause 180 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 the building owner must provide a copy of fire safety statements to FRNSW as soon as possible after the statement is issued. The fire safety statement is a record of maintenance of the fire safety systems within a building that is required to be given to Council.

Note: The local Council are the regulatory authority on this matter and may impose penalties if fire safety statements are not correct or provided in a timely manner.

There are two types of fire safety statements, annual and supplementary. The annual fire safety statement must be done once every year and cover the maintenance of all essential fire safety measures in the building. The supplementary fire safety statement covers the maintenance of critical fire safety measures that must be done more frequently (e.g. every 6 months). The fire safety statement is to be issued using the Fire Safety Statement form which is available on the NSW Planning, Industry and Environment website.

Note: For information on using this form please contact NSW Planning, Industry and Environment, Building Code Advisory Service on (02) 9274 6529. Alternatively, you can contact your local Council who are the regulatory authority.

The inspection and maintenance of fire safety systems must be done by a competent fire safety practitioner to a standard no less than that to which the measure was originally designed, as identified on the building’s fire safety schedule. The owner is responsible for choosing the competent fire safety practitioner/s to undertake the inspection and maintenance. The owner must also provide a written opinion that the person or persons chosen are competent to perform the fire safety inspection.

The owner must also provide a copy of the current fire safety schedule when lodging the fire safety statement to FRNSW. The measures on the fire safety statement can be cross-checked against the list of measures identified by the fire safety schedule. Both the fire safety statement and fire safety schedule must also be prominently displayed within the building.

Note: The fire safety schedule is a schedule of fire safety measures installed in the building and their standard of performance. The owner can obtain a copy of the current fire safety schedule from the local Council if required.


The fire safety statement and schedule is to be lodged electronically by email to:


There is no charge applicable to lodge a fire safety statement.

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