Pre-book the FFSR inspection

The principal certifying authority (PCA) can pre-book a preferred date for the final fire safety report (FFSR) inspection, allowing lead time to co-ordinate the attendance of people required at the inspection.

The inspection date cannot be booked more than two (2) weeks in advance, and only one (1) pre-booking can be made per building, or part of building, to which an application for occupation certificate relates.

A pre-booked inspection does not constitute the request for FFSR. You will be advised by email to submit your FFSR application three (3) days before the inspection date to allow Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) to review all documentation. If you do not submit your application by the close of business on this date, your pre-booked inspection will be cancelled and your FFSR application will be processed as per any normal FFSR application.

A pre-booked inspection does not guarantee FRNSW will attend the inspection or provide the FFSR. This will only be determined by FRNSW when the FFSR application is received.

By clicking on the following link and submitting your pre-inspection booking, FRNSW determine that you acknowledge these terms in principle.


Pre-book the FFSR inspection  [external link]