Using the Performance solution summary table

The accredited practitioner (fire safety) should use the Performance solution summary table to summarise the consultation and assessment status of performance solution issues with Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW), as within the submitted version Performance solution report (PSR).

This form should be used when ongoing assessment of the performance solution is likely. For a simple performance solution undergoing single assessment when the construction certificate (CC) is being applied for, this table is not required. However if the performance solution is likely to undergo a number of consultations and assessments by either FRNSW or the certifier, then this table should be completed and submitted with each corresponding PSR version.

Scenarios where this form should be used include summarising the consultation process of the performance-based design brief used to identify new or revised performance solution issues within the PSR submitted when a CC is being applied for. The form should also be used for concept development, where multiple CCs will be determined and issued per each development stage, and the PSR version will change with each CC being applied for.

The purpose of the table is to identify each performance solution issue and the status of consultation or assessment of that issue. It is not a requirement for FRNSW consultation to occur on every issue, but if no consultation was undertaken then FRNSW is more likely to holistically assess the issue within the initial fire safety report (IFSR) provided to the certifier. The certifier may also require the accredited practitioner (fire safety) to consult with FRNSW on any issue identified by FRNSW as not meeting the performance requirements intended to be met.

Note: Consultation charges may apply to the accredited practitioner (fire safety) requesting such consultation.

Final responsibility for assessing and determining the application for CC rests with the certifier. Once the certifier issues the CC, the performance solution issues are essentially locked into that certified design and submitted to the consent authority with a copy of the issued CC, plans, specifications and PSR version. Any new or revised performance solution issues being included in a successive PSR version will need to be reassessed when the corresponding application to modify the CC is being made.


Performance solution summary table  (MS Word, 251 kb dotm)