Fire safety system report

The certifier is required to request a fire safety system report (FSSR) from Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) and consider any findings prior to issuing an occupation certificate (OC) for any class 2 or 3 building that included building work on a relevant fire safety system.

On 1 October 2017, section 51 [external link] was added to the Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Regulation 2021 (EP&A Reg.) to give the Fire Commissioner discretion to provide a FSSR for class 2 and 3 buildings. When the certifier receives an application for OC for any class 2 or 3 building, and building works involved installing, extending or modifying any of the following:

  • a fire hydrant system
  • a fire hose reel system
  • a sprinkler system (including a wall-wetting sprinkler or drencher system)
  • any type of automatic fire suppression system of a hydraulic nature
  • a fire detection and alarm system
  • a mechanical ducted smoke control system

the certifier is required under section 51 [external link] of the EP&A Reg. to request an FSSR from FRNSW. This applies irrespective of building size, whether the building has a performance solution or not, and whether the associated building works was within the class 2 or 3 parts of the building or not.

The certifier should use the fire safety system report application (Docx) form below. However, if the building has a performance solution to which section 50 [external link] of the EP&A Reg. applies, the final fire safety report application (Docx) form should be used instead to avoid the need to make two separate applications.

If the FSSR is to be provided, FRNSW will attend the building and provide the report to the certifier within ten (10) working days. FRNSW will assess the functionality and performance of the relevant fire safety systems to determine if they are capable of performing to the standard in the current fire safety schedule. If any relevant fire safety system includes a performance solution to which sections 25-29 [external link] of the EP&A Reg. does not apply, a copy of the performance solution report is to be provided with the FSSR application so that the standard of performance of that system can be identified and assessed.

Note: Fire safety systems are expected to be tested and commissioned and the fire safety certificate issued prior to the application for OC being made, and the FSSR being requested.


Fire safety system report application (Docx)

What do I get?

The certifier will receive a FSSR which is to be used when determining the application for OC being applied for. The FSSR identifies whether FRNSW is satisfied that relevant fire safety systems are capable of performing to the standard in the current fire safety schedule.


The charges applicable are based on the rank of fire brigade member/s per hour of attendance at an inspection of the premises. A minimum of two fire brigade members will conduct the inspection for the purposes of a report.

For a full description of the charges applicable including terms, payment options, applying for a waiver or reduction of the charges, please refer to the fees and charges for services page.

Further information

Fire safety system report process technical information sheet (PDF)

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