Evacuation is the rapid removal of people in a safe and orderly manner from immediate or threatened danger in a workplace.

Remain calm and don't panic.


Alert the Chief Warden and other staff. Ensure the emergency services have been notified (ring 000 and ask for Fire, Police or Ambulance)


Tell staff which assembly areas are to be used.


Evacuate staff and visitors in the following order:

  1. Out of immediate danger (e.g. out of room)
  2. Out of compartment (e.g. through the fire doors or smoke doors) or to a lower level of the building
  3. Total evacuation of the building.


Check all rooms, especially change rooms, toilets, behind doors, storage areas etc.


Save as many records as possible if it is safe to do so.

Head count

Do a head count of all staff, contractors and visitors.


Report to the Chief Warden and notify emergency services of any people unaccounted for.