Community support information

Fire and Rescue NSW appreciates the help and assistance you have provided on the scene. Traumatic events can be mentally and emotionally demanding. Everyone reacts differently after they witness or are involved in a traumatic event. This is normal, so expect that over the next few hours or days you may not feel like your regular self.

Possible reactions include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Being emotional - tearful, unsettled, irritable
  • Having problems with sleep/restlessness
  • Thinking a lot about the incident
  • Being distracted
  • Feeling anxious

Generally, these reactions will settle after a few days or weeks. However, if you wish to talk to someone about the incident now, or in the future, please contact any of these support services.

Beyond Blue
1300 224 636 [external website]

Road Trauma Network NSW
02 9542 4029 [external website]

13 11 14 [external website]

Counselling Online
1800 422 599 [external website]

Additionally, take care of yourself, reach out to loved ones for support and reassurance. For further information on mental health, the following organisations may be of assistance:

Phoenix Australia
Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health
Call 03 9035 5599 or visit [external link]

Head to Health
Provides a list of publicly funded, Australian Mental
Health Resources. Visit [external link]

Wellbeing and support after natual disasters

Natural disasters, cleaning up and recovery can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It’s vital people seek support and look after their own and their loved ones' wellbeing.