FRNSW Privacy Protection Notice for Incident Information

Under the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (clause 10), when Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) collects personal information, for example about incidents, staff must make individuals aware of:  

Our purpose of collecting this information:

e.g. The information requested will be used to complete a report for the Australian Incident Reporting System (AIRS).

Intended recipients of this information:

e.g. The AIRS system is the official record of the fire/incident and can be accessed by the owner, tenant or insurer of the asset concerned.

The requirements of the supply of this information:

e.g. The supply of this information is voluntary, however if you do not provide the information this may delay the completion of the AIRS report. This may in turn cause delays in insurance companies finalising their claims in relation to the incident.

Access to or correction to this of information:

e.g. This information may be accessed or corrected by contacting FRNSW’s Right to Information Officer at or by ringing (02) 9269 6447.

Storage of Information:

e.g. This information will be stored in  AIRS . This is a secure system to which access is restricted.


Fire and Rescue NSW manages all information held according to the FRNSW Privacy Management Plan (PDF) and Privacy Policy.

More information about privacy is available from FRNSW’s website