Rescue Equipment

Combi cutter

Combi cutter The Combi Cutter is a hydraulic tool used for cutting, spreading or squeezing metallic or non yielding material, such as car bodies and security bars. It can be used for both rescue and firefighting situations. The Combi Cutter is used by rescue crews as a first response tool at Motor Vehicle Accidents. This tool can spread with a force of over 8 tonnes and is capable of cutting a car towbar. Over 200 of these tools will be issued to fire stations in NSW over a 4 year period.

Holton foot stabilisation device

Holton foot stablisation device The Holton Foot Stabilisation device is used to stabilise a vehicle that has rolled onto its side and is in danger of rolling further. It consists of a 2 metre crow bar, a metal 'foot' and trucking straps. Timber wedges are placed under the roof of the car and the 2 metre bar under the floor of the car. The straps are then tightened, creating an extremely stable environment. This device was invented by a FRNSW Rescue Firefighter. The Holton Foot is carried on all FRNSW Rescue Units.

Hydraulic pump

Hydraulic pump This petrol powered hydraulic pump is used to power the Combi Cutter, providing a highly portable and effective rescue system.