Request for incident information

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Information Requests during COVID-19

Under the current COVID-19 restrictions, Fire and Rescue NSW prefers to receive Requests for Incident Information applications using one of the forms below and email to

Request for incident information

Applications for incident information are only accepted from owner/occupiers, or someone acting on their behalf. If you would like more information regarding an incident attended by Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW), please provide the following information and fax, mail or email it to:

The Commissioner
Fire and Rescue NSW
Attention: Julie Coggins

Postal address: Locked Mail Bag 12, Greenacre NSW 2190

Fax: 02 9265 2886


For individuals

If you are requesting this information as an individual who was either the owner/occupier of the premises/vehicle, please:

  • Complete and submit the “Request for incident information” form, AND
  • Provide a certified copy of one of the following:
    - Australian Drivers Licence
    - Australian Passport
    - Government issued ID card

Any persons acting on behalf of an owner/occupier

Emails alone will no longer be accepted as a request for information. If you are acting on behalf of the owner/occupier, please:

  • Complete and submit the “Request for incident information” form AND
  • Provide evidence of your authority to act on behalf of the other person  (e.g. the insured, the owner, the occupier) including consent for us to release their personal information – E.g. a letter of authority or a copy of contract/claim form evidencing consent 

Requests submitted without the above information cannot be actioned. 

Request for incident information form

Request for incident information form (PDF, 1MB)

Public Access to Information

If you do not complete the "Request for incident information form" and provide the required information, FRNSW will not be able to release the information to under a “Request for incident information”. You may request information from FRNSW under the “Public Access to Information” process.

Privacy Information

Please refer to FRNSW Privacy Information regarding protecting the privacy of individuals.