Retained Firefighters

Fire and Rescue NSW’s (FRNSW) Retained Firefighters are a diverse group of men and women who balance other work, study and family commitments, but enjoy being part of a team and working with people and other emergency services. Retained Firefighters provide a high standard of response to fire and emergency situations. Retained Firefighters respond to fires and a variety of emergency incidents in their local community. They use specialised vehicles and equipment to prevent and reduce the risk of fire and potential loss to life and property. They work closely with the local community to increase fire safety awareness and promote fire prevention.


Who are retained firefighters and what do they do?

Retained (or on-call) firefighters are everyday women and men who balance their work, study and family commitments with a critical ‘on-call’ role in their local community. Retained firefighters work as part of a team (or crew) to provide, when needed, an extraordinary service to their communities.

A retained firefighter can be anybody who are Australian or New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent residents. Retained firefighters are trained in a range of skills, including firefighting, first aid, rescue, workplace safety, heavy-vehicle operations, emergency management, and safe use of specialised tools such as chainsaws and rescue equipment.

With no two callouts the same; our retained firefighters respond to a wide variety of emergency incidents including building fires, grass and bushfires, chemical hazards, motor vehicle accidents and assist with recovery from natural disasters such as storms and floods. They also play a vital role in community fire safety and prevention activities from installing smoke alarms for the elderly to fire education for children and people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

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“Joining our on-call roster means first-class training and the opportunity to play a crucial role in keeping your community safe, without compromising your current lifestyle. Becoming a retained firefighter is a lifechanging experience and I encourage you to apply.”
- FRNSW Commissioner Paul Baxter

Meet our retained (on-call) firefighters

Retained Firefighter, Peter

Retained Firefighter, Rachel

Retained Firefighter, Brad

Retained Firefighter, Jennie

Retained Firefighter, Scott

Retained Firefighter, Lucy

Retained Firefighter, Marty


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