On-call Firefighters

On-call firefighters respond to local emergency incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from their home or other workplaces. They are notified by pager or mobile phone and can balance other work, study and family commitments while also protecting and supporting their local community.

Why you should become an on-call firefighter

“Joining our on-call roster means first-class training and the opportunity to play a crucial role in keeping your community safe, without compromising your current lifestyle. Becoming an on-call firefighter is a lifechanging experience and I encourage you to apply.”
- Commissioner Paul Baxter, Fire and Rescue NSW

Our on-call firefighters are trained to:

  • prevent and reduce the risk of fire and potential loss to life and property
  • work closely with the local community to increase fire safety awareness and promote fire prevention
  • undertake all manner of rescue
  • deal with hazardous material incidents
  • assist other agencies with emergency medical responses and severe weather-related events.

Download the PDF information pack below to learn more.

file_downloadPDF Information pack

A firefighting career is one of the most important, rewarding and well-respected careers in our community. Firefighting involves day, night and weekend work, and can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. You will be provided with resources to support your health, safety and wellbeing.

Applications are accepted from all members of the community and are assessed on merit and physical aptitude. We employ people who reflect our professionalism and values, as well as the diversity of our community.

Meet our on-call firefighters

Photo of On-call Captain, Michelle

On-call Captain, Michelle

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Tony

On-call Firefighter, Tony

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Desarae

On-call Firefighter, Desarae

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Bernie

On-call Firefighter, Bernie

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Lizzie

On-call Firefighter, Lizzie

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Bob

On-call Firefighter, Bob

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Sharon

On-call Firefighter, Sharon

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Sam

On-call Firefighter, Sam

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Lauren

On-call Firefighter, Lauren

Photo of On-call Firefighter, Rob

On-call Firefighter, Rob

Photo of Firefighter Ashley

On-call to Permanent Firefighter Ashley

Photo of On-call Firefighter, David

On-call Firefighter, David