Family escapes fire caused by eScooter - Liverpool

Published: 03 Feb 2023 02:28pm

Just before midnight last night, Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) were called to a fire in an apartment in a five storey complex located on Hoxton Park Road in Liverpool.

A family of two adults and a baby were able to evacuate the unit as it became filled with smoke. By shutting the door as they left the apartment, they prevented toxic smoke from the fire spreading throughout the complex.

When firefighters arrived, they entered the unit where they located an eScooter that had caught fire but was now smouldering having produced large quantities of toxic smoke.

Around 15 people evacuated the building after the fire alarm went off, while other occupants were permitted to remain safely inside.

Firefighters removed the eScooter into an area outside of the apartment where it was cooled and monitored by firefighters.

The family was assessed by NSW Ambulance paramedics but were not transported.

Superintendent Adam Dewberry from Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) said this situation could have been a lot worse. Thankfully the occupants were alerted to the fire early on and evacuated the unit that was filled with toxic smoke.

"We are seeing a number of fires that are being caused by lithium ion, battery powered equipment such as ebikes and escooters. You need to take sensible precautions including purchasing reputable brands from proven retailers, always buying equipment that meets Australian Standards and always using and charging in accordance with the manufacturer's specification."

"Make sure you have a working smoke alarm which will provide you with an early warning of a fire so that you can get up, get out and call Triple Zero (000)."

Updated: 03 Feb 2023 02:33pm

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