Smoke alarm saves resident from Lithium-Ion-powered vacuum cleaner fire - Swansea

Published: 12 Feb 2024 04:08pm

A working smoke alarm has saved a resident from harm during a fire, sparked by a cordless vacuum cleaner battery at Lake Macquarie.

The vacuum cleaner was charging inside a unit on the Old Pacific Highway, Swansea, around 1pm yesterday, when its Lithium-Ion battery burst into flames.

The flames then spread to a second vacuum cleaner, stored nearby.

The unit’s smoke alarm sounded, alerting the resident, who was cooking in the next room, and neighbours.

They quickly removed both vacuum cleaners and extinguished the fire with water.

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) crews from Swansea, Belmont, Tingira Heights and Wallarah rushed to the scene where they ventilated the unit and immersed the battery in a bucket of water to prevent re-ignition.

Thanks to the smoke alarm, the apartment suffered only minor damage and no-one was injured.

FRNSW urges the public to remain vigilant around Lithium-Ion batteries especially when they’re charging.

Ensure your home is fitted with at least one working smoke alarm and maintain a home safety escape plan.

Further FRNSW advice regarding Lithium-Ion batteries can be found here: [external link]

Updated: 12 Feb 2024 04:13pm

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