Fire and Rescue NSW identifies faulty modem as cause of fire in state's Central West - Wellington

Published: 23 Feb 2023 11:36am

A Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) investigation has revealed a blaze which destroyed a home in Wellington, in the state's Central West, was likely sparked by a faulty computer device.

Around 4pm yesterday, firefighters were called to Jean Street, where they were confronted with an intense fire which had already engulfed the property and ruptured a gas line.

A neighbour had helped a 14-year-old boy flee through the backyard just before the flames took hold.

An older woman, who had also been inside the home just moments earlier, managed to escape but is suspected to have been exposed to toxic smoke.

NSW Ambulance paramedics transported her to hospital for assessment.

As FRNSW crews tried to douse the blaze, strong winds began pushing it towards a neighbouring cottage.

Firefighters stopped the fire spreading and extinguished it a short time later.

FRNSW Superintendent Adam Dewberry said the fire is not being treated as suspicious as it's believed to have been started by a faulty internet modem.

"Part of the FRNSW investigation will focus on whether the home was fitted with a working smoke alarm," Supt Dewberry said.

"Our statistics indicate in approximately 45% of our home fire call-outs, smoke alarms were either not present or not in working order.

"Working smoke alarms give you early notification of a fire, enabling you to get out early and call Triple Zero (000).

"This will not only save your life but gives firefighters a better chance to limit the damage to your home."

Updated: 23 Feb 2023 11:40am

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