Fire and Rescue NSW warns public to safeguard homes from Lithium-ion battery risks - VIDEO - Balgowlah

Published: 18 Apr 2023 01:03pm

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) investigators, examining the scene of Sydney’s latest Lithium-Ion battery fire, are urging the public to safely store and charge the cells, outside the home if possible.

Just after 9am on Friday 14 April, an e-bike battery, on charge in the loungeroom of a duplex in Sydney Road, Balgowlah, began to suddenly overheat in a process known as “Thermal Runaway.”

A family of four inside the home heard a ‘popping’ noise as the battery began disintegrating and they threw water on the cell, but it re-ignited and exploded moments later, sending burning debris almost three metres across the room.

The family escaped the home unharmed as firefighters arrived and placed the damaged battery in a bucket of water to prevent further re-ignition.

FRNSW Fire Investigation and Research Unit Inspector Chris Hughes inspected the scene and numerous impact points on the loungeroom walls and ceiling.

“When Lithium-Ion batteries go into Thermal Runaway and explode fiercely like this, the debris has potential to start numerous fires in the home,” Inspector Hughes said.

“Lithium-Ion batteries are particularly difficult to extinguish as they often re-ignite, causing further risk.

“In this case, the battery and charger were compatible.

“We’re urging the public to charge and store Lithium-Ion batteries outside the home where possible so if they do overheat and explode, the chances of harm are reduced and there’s less risk of homes burning down.

“Where it’s not practicable, charge lithium-ion batteries on a non-combustible surface and not in an entry/exit pathway, ensure your batteries and devices are in good condition and are compatible.

“Stick to reputable brands and ensure your home has a working smoke alarm and a fire escape plan, especially as we head into winter.”

Media Note: A video of Inspector Hughes investigating the Lithium-Ion fire is available at: [external link]

Updated: 18 Apr 2023 01:08pm

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