Fire and Rescue NSW hands collapse site over to NSW Police for investigation phase - VIDEO - Whalan

Published: 03 Jun 2024 03:17pm

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) has ended its search and rescue operation after the discovery of a body today at the site of the Whalan townhouse collapse.

Much of the scene was cleared of debris after a pain-staking weekend operation involving FRNSW, Police Rescue and specialist NSW Ambulance officers.

FRNSW Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) experts propped up a dangerously-perched first floor concrete slab, using stabilising rams, as other first responders in a cage, lifted by crane, swept additional debris from above, to ensure it wouldn’t fall during the major clearance stage last night.

Using special core drills, technicians then made holes in the larger concrete slabs, that had toppled to the ground during the collapse, allowing them to insert search cameras, looking for voids and air pockets.

The slabs were then removed from the scene by crane.

That process gave the officers access under the larger rubble, resulting in the discovery of the body.

FRNSW has now formally handed control of the site to NSW Police.

Members of the FRNSW Fire Investigation and Research Unit (FIRU) will now assist Police investigators to determine the cause of Saturday’s explosion and collapse.

Media note – FRNSW footage of the final stage of the search operation is available here: [external link]

Updated: 03 Jun 2024 03:22pm

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