FRNSW continues to support farmers and residents impacted by floods - VIDEO - Across NSW

Published: 31 Oct 2022 03:06pm

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is continuing to help farmers move their livestock out of NSW flood zones and support residents who've been cut off by rising water.

Over the weekend, FRNSW was called to Concord, in the Riverina, where the levee on a river had failed and swamped large areas of flat, agricultural land.

A local farmer reported dozens of his goats had been surrounded by floodwaters for several days, with many taking refuge on trees, logs and small mounds.

Firefighters attached to Strike Team Hotel deployed two rescue boats to reach the animals, successfully ferrying 23 goats to safer ground.

In recent days, the FRNSW 'Hytrans' has also been helping pump water out of flooded communities around Barham and back into the Murray River.

Other FRNSW crews have been coordinating food drops and helping stranded residents relocate, including Strike Team Golf, which carried out more home visits in Bourke, in the state's north-west, today.

FRNSW will continue to remain active across impacted communities this week, with forecasts of further flooding around Condobolin, Forbes and Walgett.

EDITORS NOTE: High resolution photos are available on the FRNSW website. Video footage is available for download via this web link [external link]

Updated: 27 Jan 2023 05:19pm

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