Firefighters carry out bizarre ‘Humpday’ Camel rescue in Riverina floodwaters – VIDEO - Moama

Published: 27 Oct 2022 05:56am

Fire and Rescue NSW’s motto is ‘Prepared for Anything’…even rescuing a camel, stranded in the floodwaters of the Murray River near Moama.

The ‘Humpday’ operation unfolded yesterday afternoon when FRNSW’s ‘Foxtrot One” In-water rescue team, based at Moama, answered the distressed owner’s cry for help.

“Gina” the domestic camel had wandered off from her small herd on the property towards the river, ignoring repeated attempts by her owner to coax her away from the water’s edge.

The local resident was concerned because camels cannot swim.

After several days of failed efforts, the firefighters, assisted by the State Emergency Service, Marine Rescue and Surf Life Savers, were called in come to the rescue.

Travelling slowly from Moama Bridge to the Camel farm, in order to prevent a damaging wake on their hour-long journey, the crew used their boats on arrival to create a river barrier.

Wading through the river up to their chests, the specially-trained rescue technicians used hay to lure ‘Gina’ out of the floodwater and back to dry land.

She was soon returned to the herd unharmed.

For the Fire and Rescue NSW crew, their ‘dromedary’ drama was done and dusted.

These firefighters adding ‘Camel Wrangling’ to their long list of rescue capabilities.

Media Note: Footage of the rescue is available here: [external link]

Updated: 30 Jan 2023 09:13pm

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