Firefighters help seniors during home safety visits - Video - Kincumber

Published: 19 Aug 2022 09:18am

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) crews are assisting the state’s most vulnerable residents, replacing smoke alarms at retirement villages in the Central Coast and Hunter regions.
FRNSW has responded to more than 760 residential fires so far this winter and 15 people have been killed in blazes regarded as preventable.
In around 45 per cent of incidents, smoke alarms did not activate, and one in five of those homes did not have a smoke alarm at all.
Fire crews at Kincumber and Salamander Bay have been visiting retirement villages in their regions, helping hundreds of residents replace smoke alarms and batteries.
Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch said seniors are most at risk of house fires due to their age and reduced mobility.
“I urge everyone through our region to test their smoke alarms and make sure they are in good working order. If there’s no smoke alarm or it’s faulty, please make sure it is replaced as soon as possible,” Mr Crouch said.
“It may just save your life and those of your loved ones.”
Kincumber Station Officer Iain McGuire said his crews have been replacing old, substandard smoke alarms with new 10-year Lithium battery devices.
“Replacing a smoke alarm or its battery can be very difficult for seniors, especially if they live alone or have mobility issues,” Station Officer McGuire said.
“We’re finding some of the outdated alarms are falling apart in our hands, so we’re more than happy to replace them for people.

"Please check on any elderly neighbours and loved ones and help them with their smoke alarms, especially if they live alone.
“We’re assisting the relocatable home villages as a key focus point of our home safety visits program.
Anyone unable to replace a smoke alarm is urged contact their local fire station to book a home safety visit: [external link]
Firefighters can inspect your home and ensure it’s safe from fire, and install new smoke alarms, free of charge.
FRNSW advises the public to:
·      Check and maintain smoke alarms once installed;
·      Keep any drying clothes or anything flammable at least a metre from the heater;
·      Clean and maintain any fireplaces;
·      Do not use outdoor heating or cooking equipment inside your home;
·      Check electric blankets are safe for use and never go to bed or leave home with your electric blanket on;
·      Do not overheat wheat bags in the microwave;
·      Do not overload power boards;
·      Clean the lint filter from your clothes dryer after each use;
·      Never leave cooking unattended;
·      Always use candles under adult supervision and do not leave them unattended where possible;
·      Ensure you have a ‘home fire escape plan” and practice it regularly with your family; and
·      If a fire does occur, get out, stay out and call Triple Zero (000).
This winter, keep you and your loved ones safe by using the Get Ready for Winter checklist.
Media note: footage and grabs regarding the Kincumber lifestyle village visit can be obtained via this link: [external link]

Updated: 30 Jan 2023 09:14pm

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