FRNSW intensifies flood rescue efforts - VIDEO - Northern Rivers

Published: 30 Mar 2022 02:46pm

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) crews have carried out 16 flood rescues during the latest weather emergency on the state’s north coast.
Just after midnight, a crew from Byron Bay Fire Station teamed up with the FRNSW “Bravo” in-water rescue team to help a wheel-chair-bound resident at Suffolk Park.
The resident, aged about 50, wisely switched off power to his home, leaving only his lights on to guide the rescuers in the dark to his flooded Silky Oaks Crescent property.
The firefighters, part of the State Emergency Service-led flood response, trekked through knee-deep water to get to the man.
They collected his vital belongings and helped him to an Arkangel portable rescue raft.
He was taken back to the Byron Bay Fire Station before being transported to a local evacuation centre.
Another five people were rescued by the “Bravo” ‘in-water” experts from vehicles, trapped in a flash flood that struck Broken Head Road, out of Byron Bay towards Ballina.
The flooding hit suddenly, leaving vehicles and their occupants stranded.
The firefighters cleared the vehicles, pushing the potential hazards to the side of the road, as they urged other co-operative drivers to turn around and avoid the flood zone.
At Bangalow, water quickly engulfed another car. The driver made it out as it floated away and he headed for safety at the local fire station.
Another FRNSW “in-water” team, “Alpha”, carried out four rescues where motorists had intentionally driven into floodwaters in areas between Urunga and Woolgoolga on the mid-north coast.
Emergency services are urging drivers not to risk their lives by entering flooded sections of roads.
At least 40 flood rescues have been carried out by the SES-led emergency services during this latest weather event.
The fire crews are continuing to monitor local flood zones and respond to incidents as required.


Video of the Suffolk Park response and other FRNSW activity is available here: [external link]

Updated: 25 Oct 2022 11:41am

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