Hazmat Incident - Cobar

Published: 27 Jun 2021 09:58am

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) responded to reports of an unknown material leaking from the rear of a prime mover on Wilcannia Rd, Cobar just before 10:00 am this morning.

FRNSW firefighters identified several litres of a substance leaking from the rear of the vehicle and began establishing restricted access zones around the vehicle and began the process of identifying the substance and rendering safe.

Firefighters used the onboard manifest from the vehicle to identify the substance as Butyl Acetates, a substance used as a dehydrating agent in the processing of oils.

Firefighters and Council staff wearing Personal Protective Equipment rendered the leaking containers safe and utilised a forklift to remove them from the bed of the truck into a Hazardous Materials container for safe transport.

Firefighters rendered the material spilt onto the road surface safe before NSW Police re-opened the road.

FRNSW was assisted by NSW Rural Fire Service firefighters and Cobar City Council staff. NSW Police were also in attendance.

Updated: 30 Jan 2023 09:15pm

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