Reconciliation Action Plan

Our vision for reconciliation

FRNSW maintains recognition of Aboriginal people as the first peoples of Australia with the oldest living, continuing connections to culture, lands and seas. We also acknowledge the disadvantage faced by Aboriginal people today across almost every aspect of life.

Achieving reconciliation requires an ongoing commitment to create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people based on equality and mutual respect

Fire and Rescue NSW have made significant contributions to Aboriginal communities in the areas of:

  • enhancing community safety
  • increasing Aboriginal communities’ preparedness for and resilience to hazards, emergencies, disasters
  • protect sites and places of cultural significance.
  • supporting career opportunities and procurement arrangements within FRNSW, in line with government procurement policy

It is everyone’s responsibility to seek an understanding of Aboriginal culture and communities across NSW and; through our changing diverse workforce we can proactively adapt our service delivery to better engage and support these communities.

The FRNSW Reconciliation Action Plan is currently under development, watch this space!