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Smoke alarms

Fire & Rescue NSW is urging householders to change their smoke alarm batteries when they change their clocks at the end of Daylight Saving on 6th April 2014.

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If you have a working smoke alarm you are reducing the fire risk to yourself and your family.

Legislation requires all NSW residents must have at least one working smoke alarm installed on each level of their home. This includes owner occupied, rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans and campervans or any other residential building where people sleep.

Smoke alarms are already mandatory for all new buildings and in some instances when buildings are being renovated.

Smoke alarms are life-saving devices that provide benefits for occupants. They detect smoke well before any sleeping occupant would and provide critical seconds to implement actions to save life and property. Smoke alarms are designed to detect fire smoke and emit a loud and distinctive sound to alert occupants of potential danger.

Smoke alarms have been mandatory in all dwellings in Victoria and South Australia since 1999, with 96% and 85-90% of dwellings respectively in those two states now having smoke alarms. Evidence from the USA, where smoke alarms have been in wide use for 20 years, shows a reduction in house fire deaths of more than 50% in those homes where working smoke alarms are installed. The data available in Australia supports the USA figures.

Smoke Alarms in the home - Better Safe Than Sorry with Henri Szeps

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Latest smoke alarm news

Over 65s must heed warning
Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) Commissioner Greg Mullins has urged elderly residents, their families and carers to change their smoke alarm batteries when Daylight Saving ends on Saturday, 6 April... Read more. 12th March 2014

87% of New South Wales households are not compliant with Australian fire services recommendations
NSW residents are still placing their homes at great risk of fire with only 13 per cent of NSW family households admitting to meeting Australia’s fire and emergency services’ guidelines, according to new research*... Read more. 3rd April 2013

Install smoke alarms in caravans and campervans now
It's essential for people to install smoke alarms in caravans, campervans and other moveable dwellings where people sleep, following regulation changes from 25 February 2011.
Information Hotline: 1800 151 614
Find out more about the regulation changes here