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For Business

  • For all concerns regarding building fire safety compliance, please contact:
    Fire & Rescue NSW Building Compliance (02) 9742 7400 Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm
    Further information can be found here.
  • Workplace safety

    Find out how to help protect your workplace from fire and other emergencies.
    Learn more about workplace safety here

  • Building Fire Safety

    Find out more about building compliance and inspections, business assessments, guidelines for built environments.
    Read more about building fire safety

  • Automatic Fire Alarms

    Find out more about the Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA) system monitored by an Automatic Fire Alarm Service Provider (AFASP).
    Learn more about AFA and AFASP systems here

  • Comsafe Training Services - Workplace Emergency Management Training

    ComSafe provides safety training in a practical environment, by combining simulated realistic fire situations with the highest quality of instruction available. ComSafe trainers are experienced fire officers who have practical firefighting and rescue skills that, when combined with their teaching skills, allows them to deliver high-quality training.
    Read more about ComSafe training programs

  • Online Payments

    Pay your invoice securely online through our payment portal.
    Pay your invoice online here.

  • Sponsorship

    Advertising and sponsorship information.
    View our Sponsorship page

  • Fire & Rescue NSW Statement of Business Ethics

    This Statement of Business Ethics sets out the FRNSW's expectations of, and applies to, all service providers, suppliers and similar entities dealing with FRNSW, including contractors and consultants.
    Fire & Rescue NSW Statement of Business Ethics

  • Film and photo requests

    Fire & Rescue NSW receives many requests to participate in film/television/video/photographic projects. To streamline requests, we have created a simple questionaire.
    Find out how to make a film/photo request