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What we do

  • Our purpose

    Our purpose is to enhance community safety, quality of life and confidence by minimising the impact of hazards and emergency incidents on the people, environment and economy of NSW.
    Our purpose

  • Area of service in New South Wales

    The Fire & Rescue NSW has over 330 fire stations across NSW. Our service area is divided into three regions - north, south and west.
    Area of service in New South Wales

  • Fire services

    The Fire & Rescue NSW is responsible for managing fire emergencies in major cities, metropolitan areas and towns across regional and rural New South Wales.
    Fire services

  • Rescue services

    The Fire & Rescue NSW conducts rescues at road, household and industrial incidents.
    Rescue services

  • Hazardous materials (Hazmat)

    The Fire & Rescue NSW is responsible for protecting 100% of the population of the state from hazardous materials (hazmat) incidents.
    Hazardous materials (Hazmat)

  • Bushfire services

    The Fire & Rescue NSW supports the Rural Fire Service of NSW during and after bushfires in New South Wales. We also work to prevent the occurrence of bushfires through our hazard reduction strategies.
    Bushfire services

  • Urban search and rescue

    Urban search and rescue (USAR) is a specialist capability to locate, provide medical assistance to and remove victims who have been trapped or affected by a structural collapse.
    Urban search and rescue

  • Counter-terrorism services

    The Fire & Rescue NSW Counter-terrorism and Aviation Unit was established in March 2003 to manage the planning, development and implementation of our counter-terrorism and aviation capability.
    Counter-terrorism services

  • Fire investigation

    The Fire & Rescue NSW Fire Investigation and Research Unit (FIRU) provides a range of investigative and research services to both internal and external customers including research into human and structural behaviour during fire, and the associated impacts for performance based building design.
    Fire investigation

  • Building fire safety

    The Fire & Rescue NSW plays an important role in building safety, both legislatively and as a community service.
    Building fire safety

  • Community education

    The Fire & Rescue NSW uses the expertise and experience of our firefighters to educate others in ways to prevent and prepare for emergencies.
    Community education

  • NSW Fire Brigades Firefighting Championships

    The modern series of the NSW Firefighter Championships have been held around the State for over 70 years and are designed to hone the firefighting skills of the thousands of firefighters who participate across the State each year.
    NSW Fire Brigades Firefighting Championships