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Week 1:

Join Fire & Rescue NSW this May to #ReAlarm your home. On the 10 year anniversary of mandatory smoke alarm legislation, #FRNSW is asking you to replace your old alarm with a photoelectric smoke alarm. This small change saves lives; share this message with 10 friends and family members to ensure that we all step up. For more information, check out the #FRNSW page at Let’s #ReAlarm this May and make every home safer in NSW.

9 May 2016 (For Mother's Day):

Show mum you really love her this Mother's Day by replacing her smoke alarm with photoelectric. #ReAlarm your home and protect the whole family. For more information, check out

Example 2:

Replace your smoke alarm with a new photoelectric one. If you don't know how old your alarms are they are too old! Don't risk your family or friends, spread the #ReAlarm message this month #FRNSW. Click here for more information:

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#ReAlarm your house today with a photoelectric smoke alarm and keep your family safe

Help #FRNSW #ReAlarm NSW by changing your smoke alarm and save your family

Save lives this month by updating your alarms to photoelectric smoke alarms #ReAlarm & be safe

Keep your smoke alarm youthful #ReAlarm with #FRNSW

Every year there are over 4000 household fires #ReAlarm & protect your family

(YOUR TWITTER @USER_TAG) are replacing their smoke alarms this month #ReAlarm with #FRNSW and save lives

9 May 2016 (For Mother's Day):

Celebrate #MothersDay by replacing your mum's smoke alarm, protect your family #ReAlarm

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