Keep Looking When Cooking campaign

Winter is the worst time of the year for fires in the home. Over winter, FRNSW attends an average of 1,230 home fires which result in an average of 576 injuries. Half of these fires start in the kitchen, with the majority of those caused by unattended cooking.

FRNSW research has shown that complacency and inaction are the biggest risk factors when it comes to home fire safety. On average 21 people die from house fires each year. To improve this statistic, it is important that we work to change behaviours and attitudes towards home fire safety.

The media resources available below will assist you in helping spread the fire safety message Keep Looking When Cooking.

For further information please contact the FRNSW Media Unit on (02) 9265 2907 or email

Community fact sheets

Social media posts

The hashtag campaign is #KeepLookingWhenCooking

Also remember to link back to our Keep Looking When Cooking webpage to share further fire safety tips.

You can share our posts from our Facebook page and twitter handle @FRNSW or simply copy and paste them from below:

  • DID YOU KNOW kitchen fire incidents are still the biggest cause of house fires in NSW? #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • DID YOU KNOW A build-up of grease and fat can ignite in a fire? Always keep the oven, rangehood and grill clean, and #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • If you leave your kitchen unattended you could risk coming back to your stove on fire or worse, your whole house! Flames spread quicker than you think, so it’s very important to learn and implement fire safety in the kitchen for the whole family. #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Have you planned tonight’s dinner? Pick up your copy of #KeepLookingWhenCooking mini mags from your local café, library or community centres or download the recipes at the Keep Looking When Cooking website.
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #1: NEVER leave cooking unattended. If you leave the kitchen, turn off the stove! #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #2: DON’T put anything metallic in the microwave! #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #3: Keep loose clothing, fabrics, tea towels and curtains away from the stove. #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #4: Turn pot handles inwards to avoid being knocked or grabbed by children. #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #5: Store flammable items (aerosols, cleaning agents and cooking oil etc) away from heat. #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #6: Always keep matches out of reach of children. #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #7: If your pan catches fire, remember - Get out, Stay out and Call Triple Zero ‘000’. #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #8: Don’t cook under the influence of alcohol or drugs as it impairs your judgement. Remember to always #KeepLookingWhenCooking
  • Kitchen Safety Tip #9: Don’t use LPG cylinders for cooking or heating indoors. #KeepLookingWhenCooking

Video downloads

Sharing videos on social media is a great way to interact with more people and help spread the fire safety message.

The videos below should be downloaded from Vimeo and uploaded into your preferred social network. Previews of the videos can also be viewed through the following links.

Use one of the social media posts from above to accompany the video and a link to our website as a call to action.

Generic English video downloads

Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) video downloads


Photos available for posting on social media. A zip file of the all the original photos in high resolution is available below.

High resolution versions of these photos for print download (ZIP, 72.2MB)