McDonald's® NSW Restaurants are proud to be a major Community Partner of NSW Fire Brigades to help "make your community safer".

This exciting partnership will allow both parties to raise awareness of community issues, such as safety in the home, and provide education on these issues to the community through their shared network of resources.

McDonald's, as a community hub serving more than 400,000 customers every day across NSW, will provide vital commercial support to Australia's most trusted brand in the NSW Fire Brigades.

McDonald's and NSW Fire Brigades share consistent professional values, supporting and giving back to their local communities and placing families and the community at the core of everything they do. The partnership is the perfect way for the two to now share their resources and work towards the mutual goal of 'making your community safer'.

Throughout this association, McDonald's will help NSW build awareness of the key seasonal fire risks through Fire Prevention Week, and also support the outstanding work members of the 300+ Community Fire Units (CFU's) do everyday to help prepare, prevent and protect their local communities.

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