A program designed to inform householders of the potential dangers associated with household chemical products, i.e. solvents, aerosols, pesticides, fertilisers, pool chemicals etc. This program identifies both the environmental and health issues regarding unsafe practices with household chemicals.


The aim of the ChemWise program is to reduce both the frequency and severity of chemical impacts on the general community, especially in their homes.


There are five main objectives.

  1. Enhance the FRNSW level of service to the community.
  2. To coordinate a household chemical safety program throughout NSW.
  3. Reduce the long term effects of chemicals on the community and environment.
  4. To provide a structured approach using a range of services that assist firefighters and other agencies in educating householders in safety principles.
  5. Inform residents as to the most appropriate method of disposal of household chemicals.

Targeting groups

The following groups have been identified as benefiting from participation in the FRNSW ChemWise program:

  1. Those with young children, due to the disproportionately high number of accidental child poisonings and injuries.
  2. Senior's residences where some products may be stored for many years, often including banned substances, i.e. Dieldrin etc.
  3. Rural homes where pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers etc are stored.
  4. Residents with swimming pools and stored pool chemicals.